CIVIL DIVISION

Chante Norvell                                                   Case No.2011CV07300

Estate of Mark Myles                                   

Plaintiffs Et. al

                                                                         JUDGE:  Michael Krumholtz


Estate of Robert Rosecrans

2020 Munich Ave

Moraine Ohio 45418

Selective INS. C0.

445 Hutchinson Ave.

Columbus Ohio 44335                                 

Defendant(s) et. al















1. First of all Thomas F. Glassman, I the Plaintiff, cannot and will not be held to the same legal standard as a lawyer. Haines vs Kerner, 400 U.S. 519(1972). This complaint seeking to recover the actual damages for claimed physical injuries and deprivation of rights and now, the Plaintiff has here on her own opportunitry to present her claims in the name of her deceased sons. JUSTICE POWELL and MR. JUSTICE REHNQUIST took no part in the consideration. The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that unrepresnted complaints are to be held to  less stringent standards than formal pleadings darafted by lawyers.  The records indicate that Glassman was behind the corruption to begin with, now plaintiff once under PTSD Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome has been on natural remedies for her anxiety and Stress due to her sons having been murdered by outside forces. Callahan vs State, 464 N.W. 2d 268(1990). Purusant to this case file the statute of limitations did-not begain to run until discovery of the actual injury had been found. The Plaintiff discoverd the fraud here after her PTSD had been addressed and litigated. Therefore Glassman, you cannot apply the statute of limitations having that been the case. Glassman through the media having been instructed to bolster this false narrative of this murder suicide. The attorneys have created this false narrative of murder suicide things that, Black, Colored African Americans don’t commit. The problem is People like Glassman has no knowledge about Black culture, he is way out of line with his assumptions.

2. Attorney Thomas F. Glassman has been involved in the corruption from

    the start, committing gross negligence, malpractice, money laundering, 

    and fraud against the Court itself, he having the collaboration with

     corruption of Michael L. Wright and Jonathan C. Turner to cover up the      

     actual cause  and death of one Mark Myles.

3.   This was no Survivorship action, there game worked for a while but no longer, Justice will prevail.

4.   The Plaintiffs stress and anxiety levels have subsided some and she began researching her son’s death again and tracked down the corruption of 

Wright and Turner and now files this demand against the previous judgment

and it be set aside due to fraud and corruption by her

past attorneys.

5.  Attorney Glassman is way out of line here because on October 10, 2011

     Michael L. Wright an Attorney at law (#0064503) 130 West Second 

     Street Dayton Ohio 45402 and Attorney at law Jonathan C. Turner (#

     0067698) of 130 West Second Street Dayton Ohio 45402 had indeed

     filed a complaint with demand for Jury Trial for the damages caused by

     deceased and former Mayor of Moraine Ohio Robert Rosecrans.

6.  It’s been discovered as of October of 2020 through December 2020 that

     Glassman along with representatives and agents of Selective

     Auto and Home Insurance Company had committed Fraud and Deceit and

     had mislead the Plaintiff and her sons Estate in the name of Mark Myles.

7. Now the Plaintiffs demands full compensation from Selective Insurance 

    Company and demand for the Attorneys at law to return all proceeds,

    including actual money, punotive and compensatory, and fees charged

    from her deceased sons Estate including any all of her money claims under 

    the Estate of Mark Myles her biological son.

(Signature of Plaintiff)



8. The Plaintiffs son had been in an automobile accident in the City of Dayton

    Ohio on October 15, 2010.

9.  Robert Rosecrans hit the Plaintiffs son as a direct result of having being hit from the side by a third automobile having been driven by Jason Wardan a Police Officer for DPD, and left Robert Rosencrans DOA/killed at the scene.

10. The Estate of Robert Rosecrans had been taken out in the name of Teresa Murphy as administrator of the Estate.

11. Robert Rosecrans was insured by defendants Selective Insurance


12. A Karen Dombi, an employee at selective insurance company she stated on 10-28-2020 that the Plaintiffs son records and files confirmed that he was 50% at fault, and that is why 45.000.00 was only received for his compensatory damages and medical bills, where you aware about this mistruth Glassman?

13. At first Glassman name did not come up until lately where the Plaintiff presumed that defendants at Selective Insurance Company was properly being handled by Michael Wright and Jonathan Turner but they did not act alone it was Glassman the actual master mind behind the collusion because

in order to pull this off they had to be on one accord, one mind, they all      took participation and falsified the claims so that the full amount on the

policy would not be obtained by the Plaintiffs.


14.   We now understand that it was attorneys Michael Wright and Jonathan

        Turner who made the actual false reports because they represented the  

        Plaintiff that’s a no brainer, but by the attorneys never informing the 

        Plaintiff that they had filed the Civil Suit in October of 2010 this links

        Glassman to the whole fraud upon the Court itself.

                 OTHER FACTS AS WELL AS TRUTH:

15.  This just don’t add up, Glassman affirmed in his latest motion to strike that the Plaintiff had no basis in fact or this attorney has committed this type pof fraiud against African Americans in the past,  now why would Job and Family Services only accept 14.000.00, for medical coverage Michael Wright and Jonathan Turner and Anthony Vanoy only accept the remaining balance of14.000.00, at the time of the accident was settled this is Ludacris and Ridiculous. What is also very odd is the fact that suddenly the hospital refused services for Mark Myles, but all of a sudden, they said that he was not covered by Medicaid or Medicare, but the records seem to change when Mark Myles was murdered and now we see that the hospital had been charged but  where not paid the 135.000.00 you know Glassman this is looking real bad for you as well as for both of the attorneys, if you want to come to an agreement I’m all ears but the corruption can’t be overlooked.

16. Attorneys Michael Wright and Jonathan Turner continued to commit fraud

      and falsify statements and it didn’t seem as though they had acted with

      someone else but this was beyond greed but more sinister as in the

      cover up of the murder of Mark Myles.

17. Glassman attempted in this prior motion to divert the Corruption by stating this was actually a Survivorship Action? As this case moves forwards, I will explain more in detail what survivorship means in a cause of action such as this.  

18. Wright and Turner had threatened the Plaintiff by telling her if she did not accept the settlement of 45.000 she would not receive anything this was stated when concerns had been raised about the medical bills, so Glassman what happened to the 135.000.00? what happened to the 165,914,39? Did it just vanish not hardly, and why dis Selective Insurance Company cut a check for it and Job and Family Services never got the check this was according to a c/o Robert J. Burne Sr. c/o Robert J. Burne Sr. also served as the Asst. Attorney General of Ohio on the collection Enforcement Division so why didn’t he collect the 135.000.00? what happened to the 165,914.39.

19. Let’s revisit attachment A. On paragraph 9 in the first claim for relief the

      Attorneys confirmed that Robert Rosecrans made the illegal left turn now

      that admission sustained the injuries to the Plaintiff’s son I mean unless

      Glassman is reading from another suit but this one establishes what it

      says I am trying to see if Glassman did read that part because Glassman

      seems to be out in left field we talking a devastating car crash that killed

      his client here, and with all due respect Wright and Turner could only get 

      45.000.00 not including medical this is beyond gross negligence but a

      manifestation of corruption apparently allowed by the BAR.

 20. Prior to the lawsuit, and Mark Myles being murdered, this murder took

       place in Myles biological mother back yard, and Selective Insurance had

       no intention of settling this claim but since the killing took place there

       was no suicide, you see Glassman Blacks don’t act like that, I was 

       shocked at how Attorneys could participate in this type of collusion but

       not now, the way Glassman has been breathing Suicide out of his

       mouth this tells me that he was behind the campaign of this falsehood,

       he did not do this on his own, Myles never shot his brother.

 21. How many Blacks, Colored African Americans hang themselves Zero,

       White People do this kind of thing that’s not our cup of tea now is it


22.  The fraud here just keeps on multiplying, we have here the falsified

        Insurance claims, stating that the Plaintiff son was 50% at fault this

        reduction was predetermined prior to the filing of the lawsuit would you

        now agree Glassman.

23.   Judge Connie was misled significantly wouldn’t you say Glassman.

 24.  Let’s keep moving as stated in attachment A. The Lawsuit filed on

        October 10, 2011 attorneys Michael Wright and Jonathan Turner

        confirmed thatRobert Rosecrans was the sole cause of the injuries to

        Mark Myles, hold it right there but the insurance claim did not reflect

        That, now did it Glassman, it’s a fact that Wright and Turner could not

        have pulled this off without you Glassman isn’t that also true.

25.  This whole fraud was orchestrated by Glassman himself this was deceit

        and fraud against the Court itself.

26.  Attachment B. On May 21, 2012 approximately at 3:56:54pm: The

       Court issues a notice of Dismissal. The Plaintiff was not informed of this

       ruling which constitutes fraud.

27.  Attachment C. On May 21, 2012 approximately at 401:25pm: The 

       Court issues a notice of Dismissal. The Plaintiff was not informed of this

       ruling confirming once again fraud upon the Court itself.

28.  Attachment D. On March 12, 2012 Attorney Michael Wright Presented

       the Plaintiff with the Settlement disclosure from Selective Insurance

       Company, again No lawsuit was mentioned. Again, Wright confirmed

       that if the Plaintiff did not take this settlement she would receive nothing

       at all, and that was the end of the discussion, then Wright settled the

       case in May of 2012 as discovered again the act of fraud and deceit.

29.  What’s interesting it’s been about ten years since the Plaintiffs sons had

       been murdered, on or about October 28, 2020 the Plaintiff went to the

       law offices of Michael Wright and Jonathan Turner and she saw his office

       was vacant and it appeared to be two cleaning women in their,

       immediately the Plaintiff requested her sons’ files and records because

       what the Insurance company explained to her that day did not add up

       how could the Insurance company state that Mark Myles was 50% at 

       fault when he actually got struck while sitting in his vehicle this just

       don’t add up, Glassman.

 30.   Within two hours Michael Wright had the same two women to call the

         Plaintiff that same day and she was instructed not to come back to his

         abandoned office why do you think that was Glassman.

 31.   Still to date this was the representation of Michael Wright and Jonathan

         Turner, after all these years its finally making since as the lies multiply

         and the lawsuit states before the Court that former Mayor Robert

         Rosecrans was at 100% at fault did you see that Glassman,

         now what’s your reaction to that you seem surprised and in disbelief

         that this case of murder and corruption has been tracked down well, 

         but don’t be we got plenty of more to come.

32.     It’s now believed that the agent at Selective Insurance Company

          informed Michael Wright himself of what was stated that day and the

          attorney knew that he had been caught stealing through fraudulent

          conveyances by taking from his clients Estate, because he knew that

          he had been murdered two years earlier by unknown assailants in

          November of 2010.

33.      The Plaintiff read on page two of the motion that Mark Myles allegedly sustained injury in the accident you know that’s a mistruth, but what is the truth is the death of Robert Rosecrans. Then Glassman went on to say that this injury to Mark Myles was contested, you no Glassman you need an Academy Award for the most lies told in an hour, and it’s not hard to believe now with the way the world has been polluted that Black People have been and continued to be hood wink by you white so-called privileged Attorneys through Corrupted Black Attorneys like Michael Wright.

34. You are being continually deceitful! Mark never shot Kevin point period,

the investigation conducted by the police which was staged as a cover up of high crimes and felonies within the ranks of the Moraine City Counsel, do you get that, we have a bigger conspiracy here, much bigger than first thought or imagined, who would want to kill an ordinary citizen like Mark Myles and take out his brother. This is tied directly to the crash and death of Robert Rosecrans. Robert Rosecrans may have been involved in a deep Scandal during his term as Mayor of Moraine Ohio, and what happened to him he only knows, and the third vehicle that was involved in the accident that police alleged that they were looking for at the scene. But reports confirm otherwise. Like I said you been schooled to repeat murder/suicide that’s what you have been trained to do in high profile matters such as this one.

35. Can you prove that this was a survivorship claim?

36. Who stated this was a wrongful death claim, no no no this was a personal injury suit, or have your lies deceived you. You see Glassman you know yourself that lies have to continue to be told and rearranged, when all this comes to light the truth will bear down on you with great weight and might.


37. A Survivorship action centers around the deceased person rather than the grief and financial losses of the family is that a fair assumption of the facts Glassman?

38. You no Glassman this statement means that Mark Myles was supposed to have been awarded damages for his murder instead of a personal injury suit from the car wreck, because you Know as well as I do that he did not commit suicide.

39. Like I said you been told to create this false narrative of a murder/ suicide to cover up the real facts of the Robert Rosecrans scandal that led to his early death, is that a fair statement? now you come here with this alleged survivorship claim to further deepen the rabbit hole.

40. Since this was a Survivorship Action then Selective Insurance owes to the Estate of Mark Myles damages relating to the pain and suffering of the victim and “their medical bills”, now explain who is the victim, it has to be Mark Myles because Robert Rosecrans was killed two years prior to the time this lawsuit was filed.

41. Let’s continue, cause theres more on the menue, wrongful death laws allow the estate to be awarded damages for the beneficiary of the deceased.

42. On the other hand survival laws allow the estate to be awarded damages relating to the pain and suffering of the victim now, let’s examine what the law states about the victim, but of what incident are you referring to Glassman, we got three things hear the accident the murder of Mark Myles or the hospital beating which is it?

43. The probate court never mentioned that this was a survivor’s case now did it Glassman, this issue is all new don’t you think, this has never been raised before until deceit and false narratives continues to pour out of the mouths of the agents., we have evidence that this was the murder of Mark Myles which is highly contested false narrative of a suicide.

44.   This sounds like a case for Robert Rosecrans, due to the fact that he died at the scene, because you mentioned what the deceased could have earned in a personal injury suit if they had survived, is that a fair assament of the law aswell as facts?.

45. According to survivoship law, Robert Rosecrans had his earning’s put into his estate and you all got paid up in the Millions, and then you turned around and thought you could shaft the estate of Mark Myles, with this false narritve of a suicide/murder, this is what has happned to Black Americans for Decades, Black families with simular situated cases in America have delt with attorneys like you and Wright, but like they say all good things come to an end and the end is hear.

46. Let’s look at this under survivorship, only the Executor could have brought this type of action for Mark Myles, you are aware of this right? so who told you to say 10, years later that this was now a survivorship claim? Michael Wright never mentioned this, its not in te Probate Court Journals or Common Pleas Court records as well.

47. Attachment A. CONTINGENT FEE CONTRACT: This document confirms that it was agreed upon on the 6th day of January 2011, and it has letter No. and the symbol#on page 2 the document was dated January 6th 2010 and it has the Plaintiff’s signature along with Michael L. Wright, but Anthony Vannoy was not signed.

48. Attachment B. CONTINGENT FEE CONTRACT: This document confirms that it was agrred upon on the 6th day of January 2011, but it does not have the letter No. on it and it does not have the symbol#on it, but it has at the right top the date 2011 EST 00294. on page 2 of the document it was dated January 6th 2011 and it has the Plaintiffs signature along with Michael L. Wright, and Anthony Vannoy was not signed.

49. Attachment C. CONTINGENT FEE CONTRACT: This document confirms that it was agreed upon on the 6th day of January 2011, and it does not have the  has lettter No. and no symbol#on it. page 2 the document was dated January 6th 2011 and it has the Plaintiffs signature along with Michael L. Wright, but this does have the  signature of Anthony S. Vannoy officially signed.

50. Attachment D. On this next document from Wright and Vannoy its the actual application requiring the signature of the plaintiff on the second page, on page 2 nothing was signed by the plaintiff it was never signed at all.

51. Attachment E. APPLICATION FOR AUTHORITY TO SETTLE INJURY CLAIMS:   It states on pargraph 2 that Robert Rosecrans made an improper turn into decendants lane of travel, do you see that Glassman? On paragraph 3 the document confirms the 165,914,39 medical bills reasonable and necessary but it does not mean it was paid. Do you under stand where this is going Glassman? Pargraph 4 it states that Mark Myles was killed and did not committ suicide; somthing that you have been instructed to pursue from the Police and Slective Insurance company isnt that true Glassman? On pargraph 5 Glassman claimed now that he reached a compromised settlement because Mark Myles was speeding.

52. Can you, Glassman please explain for the Court record, how was Myles speeding while traveling on south Gettsburg heading up towards Highway 35 and he got plowed into by Robert Rosecrans and Officer Jason Ward!

53. Mark Myles vehicle was then knocked backwards is that a fair assumption Glasssman!

54. Mark Myles vehicle trunk area was caved in by a untility pole rendering him unconcious and his chest was caved in and his jaw was broken and his legs had a gapping hole and  Wright had the gall toyou settled for a mere 45.000! You know better than that!

55. On pargraph 6, it states that Wright accepted 15, 000.00 and remeburstment of 791.00, and on pargraph 7 it says Job and Family Received 14,604 out of 42, 705.51, if thats true Glassman then what happened to the remaining balance of 165,914,39?

56. On page 2 of this document it has Wrights signature and the Pliantiffs on it do you see that Glassman, keep this in mind!

57. Attachment F. FINAL REPORT OF DISTRUIBUTION OF PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS, On page 1 it has Wrights signature and the Plaintiffs on it do you see that Glassman, again follow me on this this filing took place on 05/ 02/ 2012 and after all deductions leaving the Plaintiff with 14, 604.50 keep this in mind! on page 2 it says that there was no other assets remaining of Robert Rosecrans, thats not confirmed, all financial records and discloures are demanded Point Period! and the document was signed by Wright signature and the Plaintiff.

58. Attachment G. A document from Wright which was time stamped on May 11, 2012, from the Pobate Court, on pargrah 2 it states that once the plaintiff agreed to the settlment it was no turning around under Ohio Laws can you cite the Code in Ohio that states that Glassman, I need to see that. On page 3 it bears the signature of Wright and the Plaintiff once again.

59. Attachment H. A document from Wright which was time stamped on April 3rd, 2012, from the Pobate Court, on page 2 it also was signed by Wright and the Plaintiff once again.

60. Attachment I. 2 documents from MiamiValley hospital demanding payment of 135.782.63 on page 2 it states the total amount was 165,914,39 again, what happened to the money paid out by Selectve Insurance Company?

61. I have as the Pliantiff, talked extensively about the signatures of Wright and myself as the the Plaintiff, but no one one human being on this planet can sign there name the same way over and over in otherwords the conspircy of Wright, Turner and Glassman its affirmed the Plaintiff didnot sign the documents in front of the Court.

62. I have also talked extensively about the sucide and Glassman is the salesman of this fraud A Glock 21 which only can shoot a 45 caliber bullet but could not have been verified as the weapon that killed Kevin Valetine; so, as stated Glassman is way off into left field; for this murder/sucide as stated, the Police knew it didnt go down that way and they refused to investigate who the real killers are. This invrestigation establishes the defamation and conspiracy to coverup the Murder of Mark Myles.

63. We have more evidence that Robert Rosecrans was chased that day and that he hit Mark Myles.  This is what the Police have been attempting to hide but now Glassman, have exposed yourself, with them in the effort to suppress the truth here.

64. We have direct evidence that Summit Towing confirmed that the vehicle driven by Robert Rosecrans was in excellent working condition and it had no reason to hit the vehicle driven by Mark Myles this also indicates what Ive always beleived that Robert Rosecrans was allready dead at the time that he hit Mark Myles.  Is that a viavble theory Glassman?

65. If this is true, I am sure that this would nullify your claims of murder/suicide.

66. The claims filed against Selective Inurance Company would have to be renegotiated, what do you think?

67. Its sustained that Kevin Valentine was killed as the cover up in order to mislead the real reason why Robert Rosecrans was killed to start with.

68. The theory of murder suicide wont stand, the agents responsible for the murder of Mark Myles was also at the scene of the actual incident.

69. Prior to the execution style murders of Mark Myles and Kevin Valentine having taken place, the agents had conspired to kill Valetine because they assumed that Mark Myles saw or witnessed the murder of Robert Rosecrans, and in order to make it look like Mark Myles was not the actual target, the police had Kevin Valentine taken out so that the true reason that Robert Rosecrans killing would never be revealed.

70. Its established that Glassman withheld evidence of the 2005 Crown Victoria that was at the scene that actually ran Robert Rosecrans into Mark Myles;  Does that ring a bell Glassman? So what happened to the Crown Vic. Glassman? You attempted to cover the killing of Mark Myles and Robert Rosecrans isn’t that also true Glassman?

71. Attachment J. Investigation of Summit Towing of Robert Rosecrans Vehicle after reading the reports, there was nothing wrong with that car causing it to hit Mark Myles.

72. You the attorney of record, was paid to make this conspiracy go away! In other words, you have been behind the false Narratives all this time. Isn’t that also true Glassman? 

73. Attachment K. Police Report of the  2005 Crown Victoria that was at the scene. Its a fact that this vehicle caused the accident isn’t that true Glassman! because Summit Towing investigators confirmed tat there was nothing wrong with Robert Rosecrans vehicle at the time it stuck Mark Myles vehicle, Isn’t that also true Glassman? 

74. Well Glassman, this is all true, you know what this means for your career.

75. You also are aware that  you have a chance to come clean, that’s law. You have a chance here to expose the people who killed Robert Rosecrans your client, if you truly have his best interest at heart.

76. Kevin Valentine was subsequently murdered because his brother Mark Myles  was connected to the killing of Robert Rosecrans.

77. I know and understand that this incident has been on your mind for quite somtime, and since you took this case its time for you to come clean.  I am trying to help you help your self before its to late Glassman.


78. We have more evidence concerning the crash reports conducted by Summit Towing Company that had been recovered at the scene.

79. To Selective Insurance Company wehave a document from the BATF.

80. Attachment L. The weapon recovered at the scene belonged to a Jimmy Ray Adkins. Now, this guy was never questioned as to how his weapon was found in Dayton Ohio at the murder scene of Mark Myles and Kevin Valentine; isnt it a fact that they were murdered that day, is that a true finding Glassman?  We have here direct statements from the National tracing center office confirmig that the bullets and fragments recoverd at the scene was not a bullet that was in the weapon of Mark Myles, are you aware of that Glassman?

80. Attachment M. This is from Michael Wright, which was time stamped on April 3rd, 2012, from the Probate Court, on page 1. it also was signed by Wright and the Plaintiff, once again its the same exact signature on every other document but the Plaintiff could not, and did not sign her name the same exact way on each of the documents presented are you aware of this Glassman?.

 81. If Attachment M. is true, then what happened to the remaining balance of the contingency fee contract: This document confirms that thier was an agreement made upon on the 6th day of January 2011, and it does not have the letter No and no symbol#on it. but as explained earlier on page 2 the document was dated January 6th 2011 and it has the Plaintiffs signature along with Michael L. Wright, but it didnot have the  signature of Anthony S. Vannoy officially signed.

82. Attachment N. TOXICOLOGY REPORT: It looks like on the 30th day of October 2010 a Ms. Laureen J. Marinetti PH.D Cheif Forensic Toxicology Officer confirmed that former Mayor of Moraine Ohio Robert Rosecrans drug tests came back negative , can Glassman explaine what caused him to hit Mark Myles in the fashion that he did? As explained the driver of the 2005 Crown Victoria forced the former Mayor into Mark Myles that day isn’t that correct?

83. Attachment O. We have a document from the Mr. James H. Davis MD, Now what he stated flows right along with what Ms. Laureen J. Marinetti confirmed that Robert Rosecrans could not have caused his own death, and another thing the Coroners report stated that the cause of death was due to blunt force trauma to the head. First of all that’s impossible because Robert Rosecrans head never hit the steering wheel because it woud have left a major contusion to the brain, second of all its affirmed by the Coroners office that Robert Rosecrans was not dead at the scene, the injuries found here could not have been life ending, but the blow to the head could have been because it appeared from the records presented that it came sometime or directly after the crash, now can you explain what killed Robert Rosecrans that day, because it was not the impact with Mark Myles, the News paper continually lied and slanderd Mark Myles and you pushed the false narritves as confirmed to cover up the actual killing of Robert Rosecrans.

84. Now the Plaintiff demands a hearing date as soon as possible in order to resolve this issue of this being a survivorship claim which was false, because what Glassman has stated does not and will not add up at all.

Respectfully submitted                                                    



WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs seeks the following relief:

Judgment against defendant Selective Insurance Company and the Estate of Robert Rosecrans.

I. The Full and Actual compensatory damages from Selective Insurance Company in order to make her whole again.

II. Punitive damages against Defendants sufficient enough and attorneys for fraud and deceit and to deter further misconduct conduct.

III. Treble damages; for intentional wrongdoing;

IV. Injunctive relief sufficient to protect Plaintiffs and her family from ongoing harassment and taking of private property and to immediately return her Son’s Estate in its full form, and an order to deter any other persons that may be associated with the Defendants from harassment and causing further Damage and Injuries.

 V. Attorney and other’ fees, litigation expenses, costs, pre- and post-judgment interest as provided by law; and  

VI. See Civil Rule 8(a) and Such other and further relief as the Court deems just and proper.

(Signature of Plaintiff)

 propria persona sui juris ___________________________


The Plaintiff hereby certify that a copy of this Designation was served to the defendants and its counsel by email and regular sent by email and regular U.S. Mail on this ___day of January 2021

(Signature of Plaintiff)

 propria persona sui juris ___________________________